‘Gram to Guest – eBook


Due to the coronavirus, we’ve had a moment of pause from our busy schedules, and some time to reflect on our goals over the last few months.

One of those goals was to release an eBook — a simple, digestable read with helpful lessons for hosts and hotels alike trying to grow on Instagram.

Our idea was never to create a novel that will promise to change your life.

That’s not our style.

Instead, we wanted to detail the strategies we used to build @Best_Airbnb into the account that it is, alongside other growth methods that we’ve found particularly useful to accommodations alike.

With that in mind, we were able to sit down, and type out some thoughts on our computer — composing a 47 page guide to growing on Instagram for hosts and hotels.

While you hold health and family close (and maybe count a few extra hours of spare time in your day), it is our hope that this eBook can provide value for those looking to turn the next chapter on Instagram.

Give this book a read and let us know your thoughts.

Cheers to more growth ahead.

– @Best_Airbnb